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Full Service FBO 

RCS’s FBO service is top notch. With our highly motivated and professional staff, we offer smooth operations to general aviation visitors at 2W6. We literally roll out the red carpet for guests, greeting crew and passengers who use our transit parking. An RCS lineman will ensure quick turn full service Jet A service prior to departure and our self-service 100LL pumps are always accessible. We take pride in our facility and strive to keep it clean and hospitable. Crew and passengers are invited into our lounge to grab a cup of coffee or water, use the restroom, plan their next leg in our Flight Planning Room, and get their passports stamped with our new 2W6 stamp. Guests unable to secure a rental vehicle can utilize the RCS Services crew car, provided to them at no cost. Transient Hangar space available and GPU available.

Phone(240) 718-8001

             (240) 301-3006


RCS provides air support to our local test range to ensure mission safety and surveillance.


Special mission integration and operation services are available using a variety of RCS aircraft.


Many RCS aircraft are modified to house a variety of sensor systems. Experienced aircrew and operators are provided to aid in any company’s needs.


Offering a wide variety of aviation related training; RCS services provides safe, structured, and thorough curriculum for FAA Pilot certification ground and flight school up to in-theater Maritime Patrol training missions. Training/ground school for all curriculum is provided in comfortable and private classrooms within the company’s aircraft hangar. 

FAA Part 61 Ground and Flight Training for:

  • Private Pilot Certification

  • Instrument Flight Rating

  • Aerobatic Instruction

  • Maritime Patrol Training

  • Aerial Surveillance Training

  • Flight Simulator and Maintenance Training 

  • Cooperative agreements with:

    • Flight Safety International

    • CAE SimuFlite Inc

    • FlyRight

For more information on Piedmont Flight center, click here. 


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